Our Philosophy

Seeing a friendly smile when you enter for a meal. Feeling a sense of energy and home’ feeling as you enter a space. Taking your first bite of a dish that is as delicious as it is beautiful. Like travelling to a faraway yet favourite place, we believe eating out should satisfy both your curiosity and your comfort.

Our team will take you on a flavourful adventure with every visit. Committed to organic and best quality ingredients, our Chefs’ new style combines fresh ingredients and influences from many cultures into new dishes that will delight your palate and your eyes. In the end, the most memorable meals are those that inspire good conversation and a yearning to return. We want this to be your Camacho experience


“Inspired by the ambience of ancient civilizations, Serengeti Design Group opted for a natural palette that includes modern Tuscan arches with striking slate walls, along side walnut beech tables and trimmings, black absolute and a mosaic sushi bar. For the comfort of the customers, warm walnut furnishing and aqua brown fabric were used to add warmth to the setting".

For the new branch at Al Seef Village, the design has a uniquely modern twist, with high ceilings and wide windows that open to the balcony terrace seating; giving a feeling of an open restaurant atmosphere. Two cozy private rooms that can be connected, provide complete private setting. The Large u-shape sushi & teppanyaki bar complement the seen for guests who like to enjoy the action.

The overall design creates an alluring atmosphere with a passionate vibe and a sense of relaxation. The mix between the east and west blends together without disturbing one another, which reflects creativity. The cozy space heightens one’s appetite; and our chefs’ menu seals the deal”

Khalidiya Branch

Sheikh Saif Bin Mohammed Building
Space No. 5
Khalidiya – Abu Dhabi Cornich, West
Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 2 650 5600
Fax: +9712 650 5070

Al Seef Village Branch

Al Seef Village Community Mall
1st Floor
Corniche Al Qurm
Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 2 444 9660
Fax: +971 2 650 5070

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